Geschrieben von am 10. November 2015

About the Sense of Decomposition Procedures


Many „new“ procedures to increase the biogas yield from the substrates are developed and propagated particularly in economically difficult times. The best known techniques at the market are

  • use of enzymes for decomposition and for decrease of viscosity
  • mechanical decomposition by a crusher or an extruder
  • ultrasonic decomposition
  • thermal decomposition by heating up.

I have reviewed these techniques and also evaluated. Partly…

Geschrieben von am 11. October 2015

Sense and Necessity of the Micronutrient Addition

Micronutrients or trace elements (these are mostly heavy metals) are needed in all biogas plants. The micronutrients are the central atoms in the enzymes which must be produced by the methane bacteria in order to produce biogas. Without micronutrients there is also no biogas.

A part of the needed micronutrients is mostly delivered with the substrate. If with…

Geschrieben von am 8. October 2015

Acidification of the Digester

At the operation of biogas plants acidification of the digester is one of the most expensive problems. When the digester biology is acidotic, it can possibly last months, till the plant has its full performance again and the planned revenues flow again. Hence it is especially important to control the digester biology continually and to react at…

Geschrieben von am 13. September 2015

TRGS 529 and Biogas Additives – Evaluating Helps Saving Money

The introduction of „Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances 529 (TRGS 529)“ in Germany earlier this year lead to several new provisions for operators of biogas plants. Besides instructions in the technical field the handling of additives is addressed in detail. In the surroundings of additives the depth of regulations was rather low until now, so that legal…