Geschrieben von am 10. December 2015

Mechanical Decomposition of Substrates for Increase of the Biogas Yield

Besides encymes the mechanical decomposition of substrates is most widespread. We as biogas plant operators use mechanical decomposition of substrates as long as we operate plants. In case of liquid manure animals made the decomposition, the shredder at the harvest in case of silage. A decomposition beyond this requires considerable expense on energy and wear on the…

Geschrieben von am 9. September 2015

Analysis of the Supply with Micronutrients in Biogas Plants – Expensive and Useless?

The analysis of the micronutrient concentrations in the digester supplies no usable information about the level of supply of the digester biology. These costs can be saved. The use of individual mixtures makes no sense, as the level of supply cannot be sensefully detected. A safe micronutrient supply of the digester biology is only possible by the correct addition of a defined product adjusted to the growth of the bacteria population.